Correct Writing

I believe that is important for teachers to correct students mistakes. Why? You want students to learn, so this is a way they know their mistakes and learn from it. In my opinion making mistakes is a good way to learn from that, and try to remember how to do it in the correct way. […]

Identifying and selecting aims

Aims is what we want the learners to learn, and being able to do at the end of a lesson or the course. Aims may focus on grammar, functions, an specific topic, or a language skill. For example, the lesson is about family members, and an aim could be to describe ages between the members differentiating between […]

Learner needs

In learning a foreign language there are different needs that influence learning. They can be personal needs, learning needs, professional needs, etc. And recognizing this needs is important to any good teacher. The personal needs can be to get more security in talking, for praise, goals, physical needs, etc. And the reasons for these needs […]

The role of error

In the process of learning a new language, making mistakes takes place in the process because it allows learners to experiment with language and measure their success in communicating. Errors is where learners make something beyond their knowledge or language processing, and learners can’t correct error themselves because they don’t know what is wrong. In […]